Excel Project in addition to being able to quickly draw out the Gantt chart in accordance with time, with the simple schedule, to manage the project plan!

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■ Excel Project Schedule v3 Series – Introduction

Completed two years of user experience, produced by the “Excel Project Schedule”. It can be the easiest and fastest way to get started.

【Title】: Excel Project Schedule
【Version】: Ver 3.6 (2021.2.22)
【Format】: Microsoft Excel 2010 ※Only supports Office 2010 or above
【Author】: Antony Liaw (Chinese Nickname : 雙胞胎拔拔)
【Target User】:

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  1. Project schedule manager.
  2. Student theme production (time management).
  3. Travel planning scheduler.
  4. Decoration construction scheduling program.
  5. Shop preparation schedule planning.
  6. … as long as the time, plan management are applicable.


■ Excel Project Schedule v3 Series –History


  • [Fixed] When the start date is not filled in, the Gantt chart has a problem with preset color blocks.


  • [Fixed] Mode1 – Estimated Finish Date calculation error . (Thank Lin Guanhong report)


  • [Fixed] The Gantt chart that completed the work ahead of time shows an exception. (Thank Luo Zixiu report)


  • [Fixed] In the Mode1 mode, the working day is judged to be wrong.


  • [Function] Add the Gantt chart 2 type, mode1: use “Estimated Duration” ; mode2: use “Estimated Finish Date”.


  • [Function] Add the Gantt chart display style of the “early, delayed” work item.
  • [Optimization] The Gantt chart display style, in addition to the color, you can use the “fill style”.
  • [Optimization] The “Time Schedule” worksheet adds the custom symbol function of “Main Task, Sub Task”.
  • [Change] The “Schedule” date input method is changed to enter “Start Date, Estimated Duration”, system will automatically calculate the “Estimated Finish Date”.

V3.0.4 (2018.7.2)

  • [Optimization] Added “Filter” function to the “title column” on the left-top side of the schedule.

V3.0.3 (2018.2.21)

  • [Changed] The Gantt chart display area changes from “26 weeks” to “53 weeks”.
  • [Fixed] Gantt charts didn’t automatically rule out the issue of “holiday” or “workday” after the opening of “weekend”.

V3.0.2 (2017.12.05)

  • [Fixed] Meeting mode password changed, can’t use “one-click change color”.

V3.0.1 (2017.11.22)

  • [Fixed] Meeting mode can’t change password.

V3.0 (2017.11.16)

  • [Release] Release v3.0 English version.


■ Excel Project Schedule v3 Series – Features

1. Chinese and English language switching system


You can customize the language string, or use traditional Chinese when meeting with Chinese partners.


2. Hide the “meeting mode” of the copyright notice, encrypt the message to the partners


When you set the “Meeting Mode” enabled, you can only see the worksheet of “Schedule” and “Setup”, and the entire file into a “read-only” status, so you can sent it to the partner don’t have to worry about seeing the details, also do not see the copyright statement about this schedule.


unlock also need to enter own set of “password”, have a way to solve, can greatly enhance the “Business Applications” value and reliability.


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