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●Introduction :

The "Excel Gantt Chart" is antonyliaw's previous work, in order to manage the frequent changes of the project schedule, but does not want to spend money to buy Microsoft Project to manage the project, integrating the "Formatting conditions, VBA" function to design project schedules to be more easily adjusted and managed. Therefore, the project can be confirmed and finalized more quickly during the meeting.


Features :

  1. Quickly switching language system : Supports both Chinese and English languages. In the face of Chinese or English cooperation vendors, one-click switching is completed immediately.
  2. Special encryption "Meeting mode" : Whenever it is need to send files to colleagues, customers, vendors, if you don't want the other party to see the content and the setting data, you can encrypt the protection of the schedule quickly by using the password you set by simply enabling the "Meeting Mode".
  3. Quickly switch report dates : When the project is taking a long period of time, you can view the project operation in different periods through the custom report date.
  4. Customized project groups and members : In order to adapt to the operation and management of small and medium-sized projects, There are 20 different groups that can be customized. At the same time, 50 group members can be set for each group to make the distribution of project work more detailed and complete.
  5. Support working day setting adjustment : Adjust the setting of “working day” flexibly and quickly switch the Gantt chart holiday display mode.
  6. One-Click rapid color change system : You can set your favorite color for the group yourself, and change the color of all Gantt charts with just one click.


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